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The romantic composer Georges Bizet

Bizet grew up in a musical house. His father was a singing teacher and his mother was a well-known pianist who had attended the Paris Conservatory. His parents encouraged him in music. His father was ... r that a musician has been heard and applauded at the Academie. It is fair to say that there are no pianists in Italy, and if you can play your scales with both hands you are regarded as a great artis ...

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Music History - Biography on Johannes Brahms from 1870. Includes Musical Output, and works by Opus no.

rst Symphony, Op. 68, premiered in 1876, led to claims that he was Beethoven's spiritual heir. (The pianist-conductor Hans von Bulow, referring to Beethoven's nine symphonies, actually went so far as ... had begun to make a good living through the sale of his music and the ample fees he commanded as a pianist and conductor; for the rest of his days, he lived in middle-class comfort in a small Vienna ...

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Max Planck

to choose physics over music for his career. Although he is know for physics he was an exceptional pianist who had acquired the gift of being able to hear absolute pitch. His favorite works of music ...

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A report on Marie Curie.

n Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867. She was the fifth and youngest child of Bronsilawa Boguska, a pianist, singer, and teacher, and Wladyslaw Sklodowska, a professor of mathematics and physics. Her ...

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Biography on Brahms.

nstruction in the piano and music theory, free of charge, by one of Hamburg's leading teachers, the pianist and composer Eduard Marxsen." (pg ####) It seems that this teacher had great passion for Bac ... onable Brahms. When he was no more than 11 Brahms had his first documented performance. This little pianist played in a chamber concert in 1843.When Brahms was old enough, and complete with his school ...

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"The Pianist" the new movie by Roman Polanski. Review 5 pages. Nazi Hitler World War 2.

'The Pianist'This film is about the true life of a Polish Jew named Wladyslaw Szpilman who survived World ... ed better jobs so that his family would not be as poor but never took any because he wanted to be a pianist. He was offered to work for the Jewish Police and refused this offer, which may have saved h ... scene made me feel sorry for the man since he was not a horrible Nazi. Really enjoyed watching The Pianist and would recommend to anyone. It gives you a wide perspective view of what the Jews had to ...

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Oriental Influences on John Cage

e composed 4'33", a composition containing four minutes and thirty-three seconds of "silence". When pianist David Tudor first performed it in 1952, some people thought it was a joke, but others acknow ...

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"The Pianist."

The Pianist is a movie about a Polish Jew pianist who lived through the period of unfair treatment of Je ...

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Music Report.

ad listened to. At the concert three people performed. A vocalist named Dawn Zahralban (soprano), a pianist Anderson Brenner and a flutist Chrissy Fong. Although Chrissy only played for one song her p ... t approximately three hundred people and in the performance floor there was a piano a chair for the pianist and a table with a jar and a glass of water.The songs performed in the concert were all ...

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George Balanchine.

anchine was part of a musical family (Aloff). His father was a musician and composer, his brother a pianist, and sister a violinist. Even with all the music in his home, Balanchine believed he would b ... let.Balanchine moved in with his aunt. He worked as a bank messenger, a saddler's apprentice, and a pianist for the silent movie theater. It did not look good for the ballet. The Bolsheviks characteri ...

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A biography of composer Gustav Holst (1874-1914).

usic for the harp, moved to England and became a fashionable harp teacher. Holst's father Adolph, a pianist, organist and choirmaster, taught piano lessons and gave recitals; his mother, who died when ...

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"The Pianist"

The PianistIn Roman Polanski's The Pianist, Wladyslaw Szpilman's life is depicted as one of courage, str ... ut the torture from the SS but not much is shown in the way of the actual survival of the Jews. The Pianist is an excellent movie and makes us appreciate our freedom in today's society.

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Music report

sic. There were three people performed at the concert. A vocalist named Dawn Zahralban (soprano), a pianist Anderson Brenner and a flutist Chrissy Fong. Although Chrissy only played for one song her p ... ey were very concentrated in their work. Keeping aware and avoiding all mistakes if possible.The pianist was really professional. Played spectacularly well. He gave the audience feelings of anger, ...

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Elton John's Biography

Royal Academy of Music, which launched his talent. This led him to become the most successful rock pianist in the world, one of the richest men in Britain and one of world's greatest rock stars. He f ... and Caleb Quaye on lead guitar. As Baldry became the leader, John became unnoticed with being a pub pianist and began to explore the possibilities of a music publishing contract. A meeting was set up ...

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eethoven developed a sensitivity and vision for music.Ludwig gave his first public performance as a pianist when he was eight years old. At the age of eleven he received the necessary systematic train ... palaces rather than in public.But when he first made his public debut which was in was in 1795 as a pianist, it was reported, he had fire, brilliance and fantasy as well as depth of feeling in his mus ...

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Comparitive Essay: Comparing Canadian short stories "The Concert Stages of Europe" by Jack Hogins and "To Earn My Living" by Gabrielle Roy.

ccomplish, thus living vicariously through them. In Clay's situation, his mother wanted him to be a pianist. "But I just know that you're going to be a great pianist". (Hodgins 26). In Christine's sit ...

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Advice From Dad

ble) of being anything - conqueror of Everest, colonist on a distant planet, Prime Minister, Master pianist, Tourer of the whole world, Great writer, Olympic champion, Genius, King . . .) and then, as ...

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Le Corbusier Biography, Interior Designer and Architect

hmaking town of La Chaux de Fonds. His father was a highly skilled watch enameler; his mother was a pianist and music teacher. The family was Protestant;At the age of fifteen, Corbusier enrolled at th ...

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Composer Biography : Wladyslaw Szpilman 825 words; works cited

was born 5 December1911:Sosnowice, Poland. He dies July 6, 2000". (Andrzej Szpilman) Szpilman was a pianist known throughout Europe when Hitler's army invaded Poland in September of 1939. During a Pol ... nd Bronislaw Gimpel, with whom he founded the Warsaw Piano Quintet. Szpilman performed as a concert pianist and chamber musician in Poland, as well as throughout Europe and America.From his early Berl ...

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Movie Review of the Pianist: Film History

The PianistThe film, "The Pianist," directed by Roman Ploanski is based on the true autobiographical boo ... the Holocaust by the late Wladyslaw Szpilman, who is renowned for being one of the greatest concert pianists in the world. His story is one of occupation, great sadness, and ultimately, a story of sur ... endure. The film gives overwhelming testimony to people's capacity for both evil and for good."The Pianist" was the winner of the prestigious Golden Palm Award at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival and ha ...

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