Music Saved Me

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Trevor Olson

Period 7

Comp. 1

Mrs. Wheeler

Music is the Cure for Everything

Music, I believe, is the cure for everything because I was lost at one point…and music saved me. Music made me who I am today. If it weren't for music, I wouldn't be as funny (only funny on good days), handsome (also only on good days), social (yet again...only on good days), and so friendly. It sucks because I care so much about people. I can't even care for myself. They say music has magical powers, and I truly believe that. In my eighteen years of life, I had to go through different challenges that I had to overcome, but there has been one thing always by my side, music.

Music has literally saved my life on multiple occasions. The first time, I was eight years old. I was inches away from giving up, changing, quitting, not trying, and start slacking...but

as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I heard some music. I was thinking that in my last moments as me, I would like to hear some good music. I turned up the music that was playing on the CD player. It was "Paint to Black" by the Rolling Stones. I sat listening and put the started banging my head slowly. It just made me feel it would all be okay. Now, music is providing me with a part time career (soon to be full), and I find it is my only to escape and show honesty. Music is my lifeline. I listen to music constantly. Music has gotten me through the rough patches in my life by reminding me what it's like to feel alive. Music makes me think, feel, and sometimes, when it's really bad, music makes me just remember...