Mussolini's uprise

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At the beginning of the previous century, the Italian government was looking for a way to expand its territory and, as a consequence, to increase its importance among the European countries. In 1912, after the war with the Ottoman Empire, Italy occupied Libya's territory which became the base for its following colonial expansion. During the Fascism period (1922 up to 1945) Mussolini further sponsored and supported the Italian colonial policy in east Africa: he argued that Italy needed an outlet for its "surplus population" and that it was in other countries' best interests to aid Italy in this expansion. It's quite obvious that while new territories would extend the dominions of the Italian kingdom, the military success of its army would demonstrate to the World, the power of the Fascism and confirm the leadership of Mussolini. Italy then proceeded with the invasion of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and despite those countries were not able to oppose a valid and strong military resistance to the fascist invaders, any means and weapon were used by the Italian army to achieve those results.

Quite shameful to say, but during the Italian colonial rule in Africa, banned weapons such as poison gas and iprite were used not only against soldiers but also on civilians. Of course, this aggressive foreign policy of the Italian Kingdom and the Fascist Regime in the eastern part of Africa cannot be justified in any way, moreover because was directed toward peaceful populations which were not able to defend themselves against the aggression of a modern army. The use of mass destruction weapons by the Italians was therefore not only not justified but absolutely not necessary and therefore even more reprehensible since it was done on defenseless people, for the sole purpose of testing the gas and...