My Big Day

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My Big Day

        As the alarm clock goes off, I roll out of bed to get ready for my big day. You might be asking what the big day is. The big day is my 18th birthday, the day that I have looked forward to the most since my 16th birthday and before my 21st birthday. Today is the day that I get a tattoo. I have been waiting for this day to arrive for months.

        I got dressed and ran out the door to race off in my car to the tattoo parlor. On my way, I started to get nervous. My stomach began to ache and my whole body felt very jittery. Right then at that moment I knew that someone had to go with me. I drove over to my best friend's house to pick her up and then we were off to complete my mission for the day, my tattoo.

        When I pulled up to the parlor, I started to get that nervous feeling again. This time not only did my stomach hurt, but I started to feel light-headed. I kept asking myself in my head if I really wanted to go through with this, was it really worth the time or worth the money. Finally, I popped out of my clouds of indecision, and told myself no more debating about getting it done; I was going to do it.

        As I walk in the door, a young guy covered with numerous tattoos and body piercing greets me. Just looking at him gave me the creeps. I walked up to the interesting young man and told him that I would like a tattoo and I showed him a picture of the one I desired and the place that I wanted applied. The tattoo that I picked...