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An imaginative response to the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morisette.

he was and bring him his food.Today was Saturday, John was 98 today, all the doctors and nurses had been saying how good he looked for his age. He had been waiting all day for his grand daughter and h ...

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I woke up at7:00 a.m., which is extremely early by my standards, with anticipation of the day I hadbeen waiting for. After sitting around for 3 hours I made my way over to Ludlow HighSchool. The grad ...

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The High.

f chatter. The mini conversations begin to die down and Ryan finally asks the question everyone has been waiting for, "Who is ready to smoke?" An excitement fills the air because everyone knows that h ... ally among teenagers and the causality to which they use them.The use of marijuana by teenagers has been on the rise for a number of reasons. One cause is the increase of cigarette smoking among teena ...

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The Physics of Immortality.

The Physics of ImmortalityHere it is at last, just what we've all been waiting for! Modern science proves everything you have always wanted: resurrection after death, ... eyes when, on page 305, he tells you that he himself does no believe in the truth of theory he has been presenting with such gusto and sincerity in the previous 304 pages. If Tripler says it's so, it ...

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"The Luck of Ginger Coffey" by Brian Moore.

e and daughter in tow, he arrives in Montreal in the dead of winter with $15.03 to his name. He has been waiting a long time for this golden opportunity. It soon becomes apparent however, that Canada ... list Gerry Grosvenor amounts to a sort of clandestine infidelity, but unknown to Ginger, it has not been adulterous. At any rate, soon they are poised for a divorce. But the coup de grace in Ginger's ...

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"Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

ly", saying that he has a message from Mr. Godot. Estragon bullies the boy, who reveals that he has been waiting a while but was afraid of Pozzo and Lucky. When Estragon shakes the boy, Vladimir yells ... also has the presence of mind to ask what it is that Godot does, as this may be relevant if, as has been suggested, the tramps are looking for employment from Godot (and through this some meaning to t ...

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About King James declaring the devine right to rule with some creative interviews.

King James God?Today was the day most kings and other monarchs have been waiting for. Unlike the Parliament, all of the royalty will be very happy after this event. Tod ...

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The Red Badge Of Courage.

he Red Badge Of CourageDuring the Civil War, a union regiment rests along a riverbank, where it has been camped for weeks. The army is said to march soon. Since the time that Henry joined, the army ha ...

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Working with Dad: a story of a father and son working together and learning from one another and from the disadvantaged people

of bed and make my way to the bathroom. I throw on work clothes, an old t-shirt and jeans that have been washed way past their limit. Then it's down the stairs to the kitchen, where I throw the kettle ... ood mood. I grab my coffee, glance at my father and settle on the couch to make it look like I have been waiting for hours, but the exhaustion on my face gives me away.My father is sitting in his recl ...

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This is a poem I wrote about the every day life of high school students. Enjoy.

at will always bore us,"Open your books to page three-fifty-fourFor twenty pages of homework you've been waiting for."After, or before, this amazingly sad boreThe word "project" comes to mind;Yet anot ... er way to put your brain in a bind."And look out, students! Tomorrow is dueThat huge project you've been putting off for a month or two."In third period, they may feel a bit muddy,Although it is no pa ...

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A review on the outsiders

And here is the movie we've all been waiting for. A movie following its great book. But will it be as good as it, maybe with the cor ... lines too fast in the cinema and seemed too nervous all the time. Although the acting may just have been bad because they had just started their career in acting. On the other hand, Dallas( ) played h ...

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Sarah from a far

er words). After having a few moments to realise what she is doing she walks into the bathroom.It's been twenty minutes! What the heck is she doing? "Sarah get out of the damn bathroom!" yeah, I know ... he heck is she doing? "Sarah get out of the damn bathroom!" yeah, I know I am screaming like I have been waiting for over an hour. I need the brush though."Hold on, I'm busy." She responded like it wa ...

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Defintion of the abstract word Disappointment

waiting anxiously to perform. Suddenly your instructor announces that it is time to go on. You have been waiting to do this for months, perfecting each step and especially focusing on your solo. Someh ... r from disappointments.Disappointment can be regretful or give you a sense of failure. Everyone has been disappointed and will continue to be disappointed. This is because everyone has expectations of ...

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Computer Geek

It finally arrived I have been waiting patiently for a week now. I was so excited when FedEx sent me the automated delivery no ... myself getting bored with programming and wanted to get into this new area called networking. I had been hearing so much about this new thing called the Internet, a world-wide network of computers. Th ...

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The Barbeque

The Barbeque"We've been waiting for you." These were the words that greeted my enquiries about a room in the surprising ... d we can all look forward to eating you." This last sentence jolted me back to my senses, which had been dulled by many a day travelling through the Midwest."Um, excuse me. What did you just say?" I a ... , throwing baseballs around or chasing each other across emerald lawns, which looked as if they had been trimmed and manicured that morning.Further on down the street, nothing changed. There were stil ...

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This personal essay was written for my english class on a memorable past experience. A day in a Cave in the Rocky Mountains.

d Devan ready to head out on this weeks spelunking adventure?" He laughed loudly and replied "We've been waiting for you. Let's go." "Okay," I stated "I will meet you two at the bottom of the hill in ... the county department had blocked off both entrances and posted no trespassing signs on them. It's been awhile now since I've made the opportunity to travel back to that community and indulge in a sp ...

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Monologue from Granny Weatherall's point of view: Granny Weatherall

Ellen: Whoooo. Breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. This is it, the day I've been waiting for since I met George in third grade, and I still don't believe its happening. My dres ...

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Thoughts and feelings of Mr dacy and Elizabeth after receiving the letter of proposal.

Dear DiaryAll my life I have been waiting for my prince, my soul-mate. Of all people I didn't expect Mr. Darcy. The only way I ca ... . He's gradually beginning to change, I do admit, but not enough to make a future out of.I may have been overlooking the deeper virtues of Mr. Darcy but I was completely unprepared for him to state hi ... at first I was too proud to show my feelings to rejected my proposal tonight. All this time I have been plucking up the courage to propose to Elizabeth and in return I got nothing but a mouthful of c ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 32

he shank in front of my face. He turn pointed it towards my neck with a big smile on my face. "I've been waiting along time for this.""No...please..." I choked out clawing at his hands.He laughed. "Ye ... spinning, the drawer coming with me, smashing right into the back of Tim's head, who apparently had been right to the side of me.I heard him cry out, but still couldn't stop myself, tripping over his ...

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The Nervous Outfielder

, the projectile travels deep into the vast green outfield. This could be the moment that you have been waiting for, or maybe the one that you have always dreaded. The preparations and the many thou ... ? Are runners on base? How many outs are there? After all these and many other calculations have been made, it is time to focus on the bantam ball that may be coming your way at blazing speed. As ...

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