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Essay by deathawaitsu January 2004

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And here is the movie we've all been waiting for. A movie following its great book. But will it be as good as it, maybe with the correct actors. It doesnt look like it costed them a lot to make this movie but it isnt always neccessary for a movie to have a big budget.

The Outsiders is about two rival gangs wanting to be prove their superiority over each other. We're introduced with the Greasers first and then the Socialites. The main characters are Ponyboy Curtis( ) and Cherry Valance(Diane Lane). The Outsiders has one main story but also has many side stories people can connect to(such as the brothers story, or Cherry and Ponyboy, or Johnny and his parents, or Dally and his character) which makes it good. The book did all those stories well along with the main one but the movie did it no honour but more on this later.

It was a very clever selection of actors seeing how they have all turned out to be famous by the 90's. This proved the director is good because when he selected these actors they werent famous at all. But the ones that turned out to be most famous didn't get a big part in the movie at all. Steve Randell(Tom Cruise) didn't even get 3 scenes in the movie.

Although a good selection of actors, most of their acting was terrible. Darren Curtis's(Patrick Swayze) acting was especially bad, he had an important role to play but didnt play it as good as he should have. The scene in the hospital was ment to be a very emotional scene about Ponyboy and Darren but the scene was done way too fast and the acting their was pathetic. Diane Lane didnt play her role...