The Red Badge Of Courage.

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The Red Badge Of Courage

During the Civil War, a union regiment rests along a riverbank, where it has been camped for weeks. The army is said to march soon. Since the time that Henry joined, the army has merely been waiting for engagement. The narrator reveals that Henry had joined the army because he was drawn to the glory of military conflict. The soldiers march for what seemed like days on end. Then they finally came to a battlefield. As they secured their position the enemy charges. They could do nothing about it and Henry was amazed that he was able to get himself and some of his men out of there. After a brief nap in a nearby field, he is awakened by the charging of yet another attack on his regiment. Henry then runs away thinking that his regiment could not hold the enemy off.

While on his getaway he passes a high ranking officer and overheard him saying that they were able to hold the oncoming attack. So Henry cowardly runs back. On the way back he passes a group of wounded men and thinks " a wound is like 'A Red Badge Of Courage.'"

Henry then finds a man with a wound and helps him along back to his camp. The two men meet a man badly wounded on the road and end up watching him die in the woods. When he reaches the battlefield he tries to ask to see what is going on and Henry is beaten with a rifle. Then he finds someone that will take him back to camp where he is reunited with his fellow soldiers. Then Henry's regiment is sent into fighting and Henry continues to carry the flag.

This book relates to my life in a...