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Introduction [RGPV/Dec 2012 (14)/JUNE 2011(7)]

All living things depends on energy for survival. Energy is an important input for development of modern civilization. Its objective is human welfare, covering households, agriculture transport and industrial purposes etc. for performing any function, we need energy. Energy exists in many forms-many are known, some perhaps unknown.

Easily exploited reserves of both fossil fuel and uranium are limited and many will approach exhaustion in our lifetime.

Definition & consequence

Energy is ability to do work in physics energy is a physical scalar quantity energy can neither be created nor it can be destroyed but it can be converted in usable form. The unit of energy is joule.

Two main consequence:

1. Ways have to be found of using energy resources more efficiently.

2. Other sources of power must be development.

At present two third of the world uses energy one-length part used by the developed countries.

Finally there are two reasons why more energy is needed in the future are:

1. Because of the blast of population increase, so the demand increasing.

2. Proper consumption of energy is not practiced these days by human beings and if we consume energy in such a irresponsible way. We soon face energy crisis.

Classification [RGPV/Dec 2012 (14)/JUNE 2011(7)]

Modern civilization will continue to their only if existing sources of energy can be developed to meet the growing demands. Here sincere and untiring efforts have to made by scientists and engineers in exploring the possibilities of harnessing energy from several non-conventional energy sources like as solar energy, tidal energy etc.

Energy sources can be further classified according to the following categories:

1. On the Basis of Use:

(a) Renewable Energy Source:

The energy sources that can be used again and again are known...