My European Journey

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This past summer I had the opportunity to visit Europe for the first time. For three

weeks I traveled through England, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. During the

course of my trip, I saw many different places, tried new things, and had a few interesting


This trip to Europe was my first time away from home. I have never been on a plane

before, and I am terrified of flying. As the plane started taxiing down the runway, shaking

and bumping, I got a little scared. When the plane began rising into the air, I started

screaming, "We are going to die!" The passengers around me looked at me like I had lost

my mind; I probably had. But once we got up to cruising altitude I was fine. About one

hour into the flight, my group leader came over to see how I was doing.

"We are going to be in the air for six hours, so you might want to get up and stretch your

legs for a bit," she told me.

I stared at her, "You mean stand up? In the air? No thanks, I am fine right where I am."

I never left my seat until we landed in London.

;As soon as the plane landed in England we were on the move. We visited Windsor

Castle, one of the Queen's homes, and the Tower of London. We went to Buckingham

Palace where we saw the Changing of the Guard and I got my picture taken with one of

them. Yes, I tried to make him talk, but he would not say a word; those guards are very

stubborn people. My favorite memory of England was when we visited the old Roman

Baths and walked around Stonehenge, the famous stone circle that is over 5,000...