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My First Day of School I remember my first day of school when I was 7 years old. My mom gets up and makes me ready for school with my sister. Then we went to school. She drops us off in the classroom then she waits little while in the yard. The teacher told her name and she introduce herself. Then she wants to everybody introduce themselves to class. I was kind of scared. I thought the teacher going to yell when you made a mistake. I told her I want to go home. She said I couldn't because I need to be in school. I start to cry then she called my mom from the yard. My mom came to the classroom and sit with me. The teacher said only for one day. My mom explains to me she can't be with me in the school. Then teacher told the students that we are going to continue introduces ourselves today.

Everyone introduce themselves so do. I told them I'm 7 years old, my name is Gokce Kutgun and this is my first day of school. Then I said I want to go home and the students were looking at me. I told my mom did I say something wrong. My mom looked at me she laughed at me. Then teacher let us to read some words that was on the board. She was telling the words and we were repeating the words. It was fun for me. Then the bell rang we go to the yard and played with friends. I didn't see my mom left the school. The bell rang and we went to our classrooms. The school bell rings every 45 minutes and we had 15 minutes rest when that rests we go to school yard and play...