My girlfirend

Essay by Charles Y.TA-, January 1997

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My girlfriend

When my last class on Friday was about to finish, I was hoping in-wardly that please, don't finish it so soon since I expected another unwelcome and boring weekend. But it seemed that the clock ran more quickly and ruth-lessly pointed the ending time of the class. People began leaving the classroom while they were talking about their exciting plans for the weekend. I was even a little jealous when I saw they were so elated. Well, what I am going to do? I was wondering but no idea came out.

With no plans, I was lackadaisically wandering on Broadway street. As usual, there were always some young intimate couples. Watching them made me somehow sentimental. Why everyone was happy? Suddenly, I got an idea, why don't I find a girlfriend instead of being alone, but she must special.

Since I desired a special girl, I began seeking her from mall to mall since it's said that there probably are more chances to meet girlfriends.

After seeking carefully, I met a very unique girl and began to date her.

The following days were full of joy since she stayed with me all the time. I felt that I was so lucky to have such a great girl as more and more I dis-covered about her. Not only does she have many of the same interests as I have, but she is so intelligent. For instance, first of all, we loved reading liter-ary books like Shakespeare's, and watching sports such as NBA. We were also interested in playing video games. To tell you some fun things, she is so exhilarating when she is playing games. It's very exciting to play with her. On the other hand, she is so intelligent that she knows everything. It's true that she is...