My Hero By: Angela Dunn

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A hero possesses strength, a sense of humor, and bravery. I knew someone who possessed all three qualities. This person is my hero and my sister, Samantha. She never gave up when times were bad. Even when I felt like crying, my sister would tell a joke to make me laugh.

At the age of about sixteen or seventeen my sister was diagnosed with the big "C", cancer. She fought long and hard to beat the cancer. In the end the cancer beat her. Even though she was unable to defeat the cancer, she showed a lot of strength. My sister went through many forms of treatment: a bone marrow transplant, three different forms of chemo, and radiation. All of these treatments took a lot out of my sister, making her very weak. Her energy would get so low that she would be unable to pick up her own drink.

Although, very weak and unable to pick up her drink, my sister would still try. This is where her mental strength comes in. My sister would prepare her self for treatment by telling jokes. I still do not understand how my sister could put on such a facade, even though she would soon be enduring pain from her treatment. My sister's strength during this time will always be something I will remember and admire.

My sister always had a sense of humor. One time my sister was given too much medicine and it caused her to hallucinate. The very first time she hallucinated she thought a mouse kept running across her bed. After my mother argued with the doctors, they finally realized they had given her too much medicine. When they took the medicine away it caused my sister to become very sick. Although sick she still had...