My own Modest Proposal based on the original Modest Propusal that john swift wrote. My essay is on America hating iraq with satire.

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A Modest Proposal

After September 11, 2000 things would never be the same. Iraq had broken all moral and sane rules in a society. They killed American people because of their radical and vile government. People who preserve our very way of life. Our freedom is what makes America, America. They infected our culture with their people and their obscene culture. This action will be forgotten after America takes back the world.

To fix this cancer that has infected America. I propose a full range war with Iraq. We also need concentration camps for Middle-Eastern people. We will cure America and crush our advisory. America will become healthy and free. Without this virus America will become a super power and control the world.

We must start by taking all the Middle-Eastern women and children and execute them. We will be getting rid of the dead weight that America has carried along for so long and now has become a cancer.

We will amputate the cancer and become healthy. The men will do only hard labor on oil plants. The men will be worked to their death. After that disease has been cured in America. We will go after the main source of the sickness.

We will then attack Iraq and cleanse a country that has been oppressed by the Arabic filth our forefathers tried to exterminate. Iraq will then serve as the United States personal oil plant. Were America will take back and be reimbursed for all of Iraq's actions on 9-11. After we have used all the oil we will turn all of the Iraq's into slaves to build our new twin towers. America will benefit from free labor, free oil and the most important thing revenge. America will be a clean and safe place again. Just the way...