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In this reading, the author expresses her opinion about what inspires individuals to behave certain ways. It is not shocking that people under no uncertain circumstances will do the right thing when faced with disadvantaged persons, and doing things out of common courtesy. However, I suppose the question to ask is, is there an underlying reason why we provide courtesy acts to others? According to the reading, the underlying reason for doing the right thing is that it presents a better outcome for the individual performing the good deed. It is also suggested that persons do not know how to approach certain situations, and may possibly look for confirmation or approval from others before doing the right thing, especially in a crisis or urgent situations. Ultimately, the studies that were performed in the reading indicate that good actions are a social issue (Kitzinger, 1997).

I agree with a certain portion of the readings.

I do believe that individuals most of the time execute certain good deeds in efforts to get admiration from other individuals who happen to be present at that particular time. Yes, humans prove to be exhibitionists and love the feeling of being approved of or just simply fitting in. However, I do not believe that is the case with every scenario and individual. I feel that the act of doing good makes an individual feel something inside and gives the individual a feeling of self-assurance. I do not necessarily think that I perform acts to receive praise from others, but a compliment or praise is a positive reinforcement for a good deed.

I also believe that guilt plays a major role in individuals when it comes to morals or doing what is right. When we stand by and watch something happen to an individual or group of...