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In East Harlem on Wednesday March 12, 2014, a gas leak caused an explosion making two buildings collapse in the process. The explosion left 3 people dead and 60 injured. People in that were in the area say that the explosion could be heard from over 40 blocks away. In fact the explosion was so strong that according to " generated weak seismic signals that were recorded at seismographic stations in New York City." Although 60 were injured, the authorities continue to look for more victims through the debris of the collapsed buildings. The 60 injured, however, were not severaly wounded, according to "Most of the injuries were minor, but a doctor told Holli Haerr [a reporter] the hospital had one person in critical condition with a head injury." Two of the three people dead were believed to be women in their 40's.

The Metropolitan Hospital Center, Harlem Hospital center and the New York-Presbyterian Hospital each admitted 10-20 patients, almost all, as stated before, were in stable conditions.

The new mayor Bill de Blasio spoke on what had happened, he said: "Our hearts go out to all the families involved, we are spending every effort to locate each and every loved one." Although we do know most of the numbers, many remain unknown, as the mayor said, they are still trying to locate people that are missing. A woman had complained about the smell of gas minutes before the explosion but the explosion happened so abruptly that services that were headed to the scene couldn't arrive at the scene on time. About 250 fire men had reported to the scene, and by 5:30pm almost all the flames had been knocked down. Lots of people were hurt in this explosion,