For my psychology class on what it would be like to be blind and deaf

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I am reaching. I am extend myself as far as I can so that I can grab the next ledge that will lead my towards the bathroom. Everything is dark. Bang My hip slams into the door of the bathroom. The bruise is forming before I take enough baby steps to place my fully through the threshold of the door. Stumbling as I cling to the sink, my first reaction is to look up into the mirror. Depression swallows my heart as I remember that I have lost my sense of sight. Completely blind, I stare into a face that I will never see again. My blue eyes stay pinned forward as I turn the knob on the sink. With two fingers I test for the perfect temperature. Too hot. Too cold. I can't find the lukewarm feeling that I'd like. My roommate, Jess, is at the end of the hall way listening to music on her laptop, and from what I can hear no one's in the bathroom other than me.

Tears well up; there's no one here to help me. It took me so long to get here to begin with, I can't even fathom walking back down the hall to get Jess. My cheeks become wet and I wipe my nose on my shirt sleeve: finding a tissue would take way too much work. I remember the days before I was blind. I remember the days when I was greedy and I thought that sight way something to be ignored and taken for granted. I remember the days when I honestly believe that there wasn't a beautiful thing around. I would kill now just to see the hot and cold on sink knob. I love to know that I was walking in a straight line. I would...