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Essay by jaybrog November 2004

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One summer, my family and I were going on vacation to Disney World. This time, we were going with my extended family from Ohio. I have many cousins my age whom I don't get to see very often. When my family from Ohio arrived at out home in Jacksonville, Florida, we loaded the vehicles with our things and prepared for the trip. Before we left for Orlando, we stopped at Atlantic Beach to swim. We always enjoyed swimming because Ohio has no beaches, and it wasn't very often when my family could visit us.

        After the beach, my dad, who is in the Navy, took us on base and gave us a tour on his guided missile cruiser ship. My cousins had a blast because they had never been on a naval base. My dad took us into the dark radar rooms, which looked like a room full of video games.

There were many war simulation games we could play. My dad brought us out on the helicopter hanger and the flight deck to see the missile bays on the front of the deck. He also answered many of my cousins' questions about his job and the ship.

        Our family drove two big vans to Orlando. We brought many games to keep us entertained while on the trip. The trip for us seemed so long because we were very anxious to be in Disney World. We kept walkie-talkies to keep communications lines open. It was entertaining to talk across the highway to the other van.

        When we arrived in Orlando, we stayed a hotel with two connecting rooms so the boys could have a room to themselves. We had a little pizza party that night for dinner. The boys' side had a very large cooler full of ice and sodas.