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Michelle Swarrow Prof. Good T/Th. 12:30-2:00 January, 29 2002 Life So far my life has been filled with a great deal of experiences and opportunities.

I was born on January, 17 1983, into a wonderful household, as an only child; As a child I have been involved in many extra curricular actives such as girl scouts, cheerleading, and little league baseball; I have traveled to many different states; I have been to Florida ever since I was four years old; I have been picked out of one thousand people to be in the Walt Disney parade as grandmarchels in the Disney parade; I have road a let every ride at least once; I have also went to Michigan to visit my aunt and uncle about twice a year; I have been to the state of California and had the opportunity to visit one of the most popular singers, Elvis Parsley's house; I have never seen so many people just waiting to go in; I have also went to Washington to visit Mount St.

Helen; I have never seen a town that the volcano destroyed by a volcano before; I have visited a lot of interesting places in my life; I have recently graduated from Beth-Center High School last year; I have no brothers or sisters; I have never got a DUI; I have a dog; I have a cat; I have gotten one speeding ticket; I have my own car; I have to pay for my car; I have to pay the insurance; I have three roommates; I have many friends; I have eighteen credits this semester; I have a boyfriend; I have many family members; I have missed class this semester; I have never did a paper like this before; I have consumed 2,280 school made lunches consisting of...