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The Natural The Natural written by Bernard Malamud was a very well written book. I really am not a big fan of baseball but I did enjoy this novel. This book is about never giving up no matter how bad the situations gets. Roy Hobbs wanted to be the best baseball player that ever lived, who broke all the records, and when he went walking down the street he wanted people to say, "Hey that's Roy Hobbs,the greatest player of all times." He would have been excellent and could have played baseball for many years, but someone didn't want that. He was shot and it injured him terribly. Hobbs finally made it back and was found by a scout and was sent to play for the worst team in the league. I like how Hobbs never gives up. He goes up against the corrupters, the seducers, and the glory destroyers.

No one wanted to let Hobbs play because he was old, they thought he should be at the age to retire not to just begin. This book goes to show that you can do anything if you set your mind to it and if you want it bad enough. Hobbs proved everyone wrong. He was worst possible thing happened, he met a girl. He started getting distracted and it a effected his game. Hobbs let a woman mess with his head. When Hobbs would go up to bat, he usually hit a home run but when he met this woman, he started striking out. I guess you could say that she was bad luck. Well, he eventually made is mind get cleared and was back to his old self. Another reason why I liked this novel is because it kind of gives a love story rather than just specifically...