My Vacation to Puerto Rico

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I thought going to Puerto Rico would be a great trip and get out. Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico has long bean known as one of the most beautiful islands and one of the most popular tourist attractions of all the Caribbean islands. Its rugged mountains colorful plant and beautiful seas and sunsets that ripple of the setting sun is known to be one of the most beautiful sits is very popular. Puerto Rico a part of the united stats government is about 1000 miles away from Florida. Once a very poor farming country but now has many fine hotels new factories and store. It cost me a total of 200 dollars to get from San Jose to Puerto Rico both ways flying middle class. And when I got there I took a short cab ride to my very nice but affordable hotel witch total a 250 dollars per night.

Witch had a pool an exercise room. Fantastic food. End of day 1. Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is heavily populated about 2 500,000 people live there. The original inhabits were Carib and Arawak Indians. About 30,000 were there when the Spanish discovered the island. The settled there and started colonies. Day 2 when I woke up I decided to go to the Brass catis bar and grill where they saved the best pancakes I have ever had. After that I decide to go to Balnearios beach it was a family beach and there were many people but they did not interfere with my great time. I went bogie boarding and I was catching some great waves. For dinner I ate at the aji is very good crab and shrimp. After that I went straight back to hotel and passed out I was tired. Day 3 I...