Myth or Reality, Today's Perception on Monsters

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Myth or Reality, Today's Perception on Monsters

        Monsters, which are seemingly just myth and fantasy, do have some truths to their legend. In fact, some creatures may have actually existed and still do today, even though they should not be percieved as monsters.

        What if the stories of a giant 'ape-like' creature that have circulated over the globe for centuries were true? There have been numerous sightings and first-hand accounts of this creature everywhere in the world, from the United States to the Himalayas. One of the more famous sightings took place at Bluff Creek in 1967. Roger Patterson and a friend were horse back riding when they saw a huge hair covered creature. It began to run away when it noticed the two men, but not before Roger shot some film of the creature. The creature that was filmed was a female, while you cannot see in this view, breasts are clearly visable in other frames of the film.

Scientists who have studied the film have said that the estimated stride of the creature is larger than that of a man. They also say it would have been very difficult for a man to simulate this larger stride. Footprints were the same type as typically found at a Bigfoot sighting. A more recent sighting of Bigfoot took place last year on July 11, in the Wild Creek area in the foothills of Snoqualmie National Forest. The picture was obtained from the photographer bt Cliff Crook, the director of Bigfoot Central. The cameraman was out on a hike when he heard splashing coming from the stream below him. He then found himself face to face with the creature. Usually after most sightings, footprints of the usually large creatures can be found. Footprints have been found everywhere including at these two...