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"Two weeks ago my dog Maya disappeared," I told my cousin Reena, in the kitchen during one of her monthly visits.

"How did she run away?" Reena, asked with a puzzled face.

"It was a hot summer night and the back door was left open because my Dad was taking out the trash" , I replied. I waited for her to respond but she waited for me to continue. I went on to say " you know he has a bad heart and has been slower lately so the door was left open for quite a while. Since it was so late no one noticed until the next day when we called her and she never came. I looked around I checked her dog bed, her favorite places to play hide n go seek, but she was nowhere to be found".

"Oh No, did you ever find her. . .

. Is she okay?" Reena asked reaching out for my hand and leaning closer supportively.

We went through a lot looking for Maya, but Eventually we gave up I said, "sit down let me tell you."

I went to the kitchen to make her some tea and fix a tray of cookies. As I was fixing it I began to tell her my story. "Like I said, we couldn't find her the next morning so I asked my Dad "when was the last time you saw her?"

He said "Last night, sweety. I must have left the back door open. Don't worry sweetheart she couldn't have gotten too far." My Dad tried to comfort me by giving me a hug. Then he walked over to the closet to get his jacket and car keys.

"Are we going to go look for her, Daddy?" He nodded, and yelled upstairs to my...