This is a Narrative Essay. Titled "Unexpected Angel" it is a short story or narrative. It was needed for my English 101 class

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Unexpected Angel


English 101

23 September 2003

Narrative Essay

Laura lies in bed trying to get comfortable. Her husband John is right there next to her complaining that she is flipping around like a fish out of water. She apologizes, saying "I can't seem to get this pain in my back to stop so I can sleep". John turns over looks at the clock, it is four o'clock in the morning, and he has to get up in three hours for work. John starts rubbing her lower back trying to ease the pain. Laura tells him the "spasms" are like waves in the ocean. Sometimes they are little and the next they feel like she is going under never to surface again. Laura's mother hears the commotion and walks into the bedroom to find out what is happening, she has been staying with Laura and John for the last week before the due date.

Karen, Laura's mom tells her to time the waves.

After timing "the waves", they are eight minutes apart; Karen gets a big cheesy smile on her face. "Laura I think you are in labor" she exclaims. John groans as he gets out of bed: he thinks to himself "great no sleep tonight". Karen starts getting all excited rushing around the bedroom rechecking for the fifth time making sure the bag is packed correctly for the hospital. "Mom", Laura says, "calm down, and breathe, you act like you have never done this before". Karen laughs as she leaves the room and yells to her "yes, I have but this is way better, this is my first grandchild"

Laura gets up and dresses for the hospital. Her nerves start spinning like a top. Is she ready for this? Can she be a good mom? This isn't supposed...