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Knippa 1

Audrey Knippa

Personal Narrative


Mrs. Ford

September 15, 2014

The Blue Flower

The day that you meet the person that will make the greatest impact on your life in the present and the future, for better and for worst and in sickness and health you don't know. At least not right away. It will come in the following weeks or months, you will come to the realization that the person that you welcomed into your life is the person of your life. This will happen once in your life and the time is not set, place or period in your life. It is all up to the events into your life and where life takes you and the paths you cross. While you are crossing paths you will cross the path. The path that you both step onto and start a new path together. My person the person I stepped onto a path with and the person that has impacted my life, his name is Taylor Reed Ranshaw.

It wasn't planned or set up it was a simple introduction to a co-worker at my new job. I just started work at Kroger in the floral department at the beginning of valentine's week. It was my first day and I was paired with a girl that would walk me through the steps and proper routine of the shop. We were busy through the shift constantly. After being there an hour or so a guy came over and my co-worker I had been working with introduced me to him as Reed. It was just a simple introduction and we exchanged in small talk and inquired questions about each other. After this introduction and some talk he was going to return to work, after walking around the counter a blue...