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Justina Sidhu


Mrs. Wanka

1st March 2014

Unit One Critical Reflection

Do you believe everyone in society should be treated equally? If you do, does that include those with mental disorders, learning disabilities and handicaps? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you believe in compassion and justice. In this essay I will discuss how compassion, participation and individualism played a huge role in "Radio" and how it eventually turned into justice after affecting the lives of Coach Jones, Johnny and Radio as they learned more about each other and the people around them.

Radio was a boy with a mental disorder who spent his days pushing around an old shopping cart and picking up things he found lying around. One day he walked past Hanna, the school where Coach Jones taught, and he picked up a football that had been thrown over the fence by accident.

When he held it out to Coach Jones he was told "Why don't you bring it by practice today and we'll see if we can find you something to do." Coach Jones was compassionate and wanted to include Radio in the club activities even though Radio wasn't a student. When Radio did show up at practice Coach Jones said "Why don't you come on in? We got some burgers coming." Once again showing Radio compassion that most people would never show him. Everyone accepted Radio except for Johnny. Johnny only cared about himself and didn't want Radio to be interfering with the football team because he didn't like Radio, so Johnny bullied him. Things didn't stay that way for long, by the end of "Radio", even Johnny felt compassion. Not only towards Radio, but to his team mates on the basketball...