Nazi propoganda - playing on traditional prejudices.

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'Nazi propaganda was most successful when it could play on traditional prejudices, but where the regime opposed traditional loyalties it was far less successful.' How far would you agree with this interpretation of the role of propaganda in the Nazi state?

Most Historians would argue that this was the case, Nazi propaganda was most effective when I played or traditional prejudices and was thus largely utilised to that affect, however there are some that would argue that this wasn't the case, examples of propaganda which played on traditional prejudices yet failed to influence the German people in the intended way or propaganda that went against traditional loyalties but worked anyway.

One of the Nazi parties main targets for propaganda were the Jews. There was a long history of prejudice against Jews throughout German history and even Europe, with examples of the Tsarist Russians leading pogroms against them. This hostility is linked to the belief that Jews were responsible for the death of Christ and also the fact that Christians were forbidden by there religion to lend money and make interest on it, Jews could and this lead to them becoming wealthy and successful, igniting jealousy within Christian communities.

The prejudice within Germany against Jews was so strong that the Nazi party used anti Semitism as one of their main policies to get themselves into power.

The Nazi's would fill classrooms with anti-Semitic propaganda, pictures books depicting them as ugly overweight men praying on innocent Aryan girls, in maths calculations involving the bombing off Jewish villages and in Biology studies were made to see why Aryan humans were superior to the Jews. Outside of school Jews were publicly humiliated beaten in the streets by the violent SA, signs could be seen reading 'Jews leave' and the stores were painted with the...