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                                Nazi soldiers

        How a Nazi soldier was brought into the military, how their training went, and what they did on the off time. The soldiers were Germans. And others that were not German that were from another country.

        Propaganda was used to bring in the youth of Germany and former German soldiers to bring in the military. One example of propaganda Hitler used was "To join all of Europe to make a Greater German" (Cartlidge 9). They used propaganda to get the youth of Germany to join the Hitler youth and to get former soldiers to join back up. It was to affect other countries to join up with Germany and bring Europe together. The next piece of propaganda is "To protect the ethnic Germans in other countries" (Cartlidge 10). This was to get all male Germans to join up in the military to help protect a brother in another country.

Was also to help them come in to protect their country. When the new soldiers came in they went through training and they would be told by Hitler "Sweat saves blood" (Cartlidge 12). The recruits were told this to make them train harder and it didn't actually work for them.

        When the Soldiers to over France they would get free time and they would go and wonder the country. "Some of the soldiers would go of to the opera or the theater soldiers liked to go to the theater to watch German movies and go to the opera. They wanted some thing fun before going to work.