NETg Simulation

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The NETg simulation has covered all the critical experience that I have learned in the last five weeks. Some parts of the NETg simulation was interesting and elementary and provide a good example on how to enforce the decision making process. There are four key points that if used for employment would be helpful in the decision-making process for almost any organization.

NETg Simulation

        The MGT/350 course has presented an opportunity for analysis critical thinking and decision making within the organization, by preparing managers with key points to utilize in the workplace and remembering to always have an alternative solution.

Advantages and Limitations

The advantages and limitation of the NETg simulation has also shown by gathering information and conversation involves the collection of data and that it is not only listening but paying attention to what others are saying. For example, in the

NETg simulation the manager gave you all the tools you need to make the decision and also alternative choices.

You must use the basic questions who, what, when, where, why and how to score B+ or better. If you did not answer the questions you received a C.

The NETg simulation made sure that your terms were define before making decisions, even a status chart was given based on the answer you selected to vision a small outcome of you decision-making process.

Four Key Points

There is four keys points that the NETg simulation reviewed:

1.         Identify causes of the problem

2.         Frame alternatives (generate alternative solutions)

3.         Evaluate impact of the alternatives

4.         Make the decision

Apply Simulation in Workplace

        When applying the NETg simulation to my workplace will help me define problems, by comparing urgent and non-urgent and making a sound choice of those problems. By using the techniques for evaluating the decisions I...