New Teacher

Essay by TooT June 2006

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Having another new teacher in class is another impelling moment in my life that keeps my mind off the board. There will always be some common curiosities that dwell within everyone's mind about another new teacher. However there are two things I am concerned about having another new teacher, and that would be, whether there will be areas I need help from him, and whether he has different methods of teaching. But the most important thing is how I am going to keep myself focused in class.

Every student has different strengths and weaknesses and it is best to identify your weaknesses so that you don't end up on the wrong side of the track. According to pass experiences I personally recognize my self's weakness in Information Writing and Reading Responses. It is because I feel it's difficult to organize the information and also being able to write fluently on a piece of paper.

Plus the ideas gather very slowly in my mind in which it cause a time issue, so whenever I try to write something it always seems to be in slow motion, as if a mysterious force is preventing me from moving my pen. However I know that with proper preparations and practicing the teacher can help me improve my English skills a lot more.

It goes with out saying that every teacher teaches differently and every student has a unique way of learning. I believe that the way a teacher teaches is related to the student's performances in class. As students absorb information they need to be able to process and understand the information well enough. Therefore teachers are there to clarify everything and help the students to decipher the subject. In my opinion I think that I can prefer any kind of teaching method as...