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Fractal Geometry

e on a new meaning with fractals - a concrete one.Fractals go from being very simple equations on a piece of paper tocolorful, extraordinary images, and most of all, offer an explanation tothings. The ...

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Money, The root of all evil

Money has screwed up society a lot. The times long ago were not focused around a green piece of paper that we have labeled as money. This piece of paper got an amount and then finally you ... . Things that you need. To me, money is just that; a thing. A thing to which we treat like a God. A piece of paper that we carry around and every now and then do something worth while with it. Money d ...

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An imaginative story written in the style of Kate Chopin's "The Storm"

look forward to the future. She was finally about to walk onto that stage and accept that rolled up piece of paper. Although only a piece of paper, it symbolized so much. Her parents watched with prid ...

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Teaching skills. Evaluating the students 1567 words in length. submited for my final teaching assignment.

thing - the later are the best students because teaching these students is like "Writing on a blank piece of paper" there is nothing else on the paper to confuse your writing.The task for this compone ...

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How to make an Origami frog.

practiced for hundreds of years. One basic animal is the frog.To make a frog you will need a square piece of paper. You can also use higher quality origami paper.First, with the colored side of the pa ...

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Disappearing X Experiment. Coursework about sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. Method, Results, Fair Testing, Evaluation included. Was marked with a passing grade.

dFirst of all we measured out 25cm3 acid and 25cm3 sodium thiosulphate. Then we drew a cross onto a piece of paper and put an empty conical flask on top of the paper. Next, we poured the 25cm3 acid an ...

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Friend or Foe?

should have the keys, hold on a second."I sifted through the things in my pocket. 3 sugar cubes, a piece of paper, which was my report card, a paperclip, a pen, some dirt, keys."Oh boy," I b ...

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Concepts of Computer Science and Programming: OOP and others

e scientific reason about that definition, and following it, programming can very well be done on a piece of paper as well as a computer.To explain different computer science concepts, I will talk abo ... edural programming. Procedural programming is programming which works with the idea of extracting a piece of logic (code, when programming) and treating it as a separate procedure (or function). A pro ...

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A Descriptive essay on a girl worshiping God in her dorm room.

fall upon her shoulders, some curling and falling over her tiny ears; other strands, straight as a piece of paper, fall down her partly arched back. Her green eyes sparkle like the sun hitting the mo ... ches of red, blue, paisley, and other patterns, come together with tiny stitching to form the masterpiece.She sits in silence and her chin lightly touches her neck as she puts her head down. Her feet ...

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First Person account of Hariot Tubman.

, a free African American.Five years later, fearing I would be sold, I made my escape. I was given apiece of paper by a white neighbor with two names, and told how to findthe first house on my path to ...

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This essay is about how photocopiers work and how chemistry is involved in the process.

Photocopiers and laser printers are staple pieces of equipment in any office setting. Not that long ago, all copies were done by use of carbon ... oth messy and crude. One of the earliest forms was the hectograph. The master copy was written on a piece of paper with a special ink. The master was pressed faced down on the tray of gelatin which di ... ractically unlimited analysis can be performed on a document (Andrasko 230).The importance of these pieces of equipment in society makes it fairly useful to understand the basics of how they work. The ...

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This essay is about the life of Charles Wright, a famous poet.He has recieve hands full of awards for his work and has wrote over 12 poetry books.

ination of his lifeYear after year, decade after decade, Charles Wright has had a pencil in hand, a piece of paper in front of him, as he's scribbled some of the most graceful sentences and elegant li ... e Southern Cross written in 1981, or as in " A Journal of the Year of the Ox," the forty-page centerpiece in Zone Journals written in 1988. In between those two books Charles's first trilogy had been ...

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A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

book begins with the professor, Professor Hardwig, by making an amazing discovery. He finds an old piece of paper, written by a 13th century fictional scientist, Arne Saknussemm. It is written in Ice ...

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When Harsh Reality Hits- stats and research about 10th grade level high school drop outs

probably since discovered the endless frustrations of trying to get ahead without that significant piece of paper. Studies from around the world document the economic challenges faced by those who dr ...

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Write a 400-600 word procedure report Topic: How To Handle Stress In College

assignments. Additionally, you will need your current class schedule, assignment deadlines, a blank piece of paper, and a pen.ProcedureStress during college can be avoided by following these steps:1.S ...

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Us vs. Them. Compare/Contrast Essay about my parenting styles and those of my parents. Only comments made on this paper were "EXCELLENT!!!"

education. It's always a good idea to let our kids know that an education is important. That little piece of paper is extremely important. My father always told me that he always regretted the fact th ... I was kicked out of school. I knew what I had to do though, to get anywhere in life, I needed that piece of paper. So I signed up, studied hard, and took the test. I want my kids to learn the value o ...

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The Atomic Bomb

ing else. Atoms is the smallest thing on earth. You can fit a million atoms in about the width of a piece of paper. You can't see them with the naked eye or with the best microscope in the world. The ... ityThe plutonium bomb was tested. They were very unsure of what would happen. Bainbridge selected a piece of land near Alamogordo, NM. Its the valley between the Rio Grande River and the Sierra Oscura ...

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The Crucible: Did the Puritans Give Their Lives for Good Reasons?

ride, but still they had saved their lives. In confessing to their "sins" the Puritan had to sign a piece of paper saying that they were a witch. This was a horrible and difficult thing for a Puritan ...

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How the information stored in my chosen business

es, 1 pile for important documents and the other for unimportant stuff e.g. he can punch holes in a piece of paper or letter for filing in a folder, but he couldn't do this with a thick catalogue! And ...

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Life, Intercepted - a flash fiction written in honors english.. teacher loved it.

e of 13, attempting to squeeze an infatuation with a girl I knew merely from a distance on a single piece of paper was more than a challenge. There was no reason in particular why I loved this particu ... o 7th grade, for real, this time. After painstakingly squeezing the poem onto the slightly crumpled piece of paper, I extend my arm in my lover's direction. Her fingers grasp the note, and there is a ...

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