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In my chosen business all the storage and retrieval of information is done manually and it's carried out through admin.

When admin (owner) receives paper documents which includes business letters, memos, reports, purchasing documents (quotations and orders) financial documents (invoices, statements, banking documents), leaflets, brochures, booklets, catalogues and legal contracts, the first process he do is to sort all these papers and convert them into two piles, 1 pile for important documents and the other for unimportant stuff e.g. he can punch holes in a piece of paper or letter for filing in a folder, but he couldn't do this with a thick catalogue! And this is also because some items need to be kept for a long time for legal reasons, whereas others only need to be kept for a few days or weeks.

After when he finished in sorting them, than he:

*Start fastening important documents into a brown file folder.

*He put all document together in an envelope wallet.

*A4 lever arch files (for punched documents).

*A4 box files (for catalogues and other booklets).

Then he usually stores these documents in alphabetical order and than in a vertical cabinet which is located in the storeroom.

There are some advantages and disadvantages for storing documents in alphabetical order.


*Easy to use.

*A miscellaneous file for each letter can be created for one-off papers.


*Popular letters become congested.

*Difficult to expand.

*Names can be confused.

The main aspects of a storage system are:

*Things can find quickly and the items stored are kept in good condition.

*Information is processed when it is changed or converted in same way.

*It may be improved or may be prepared for a particular use such as notes from meetings, messages from telephones, sales figure that need to be input into a...