This essay is about the life of Charles Wright, a famous poet.He has recieve hands full of awards for his work and has wrote over 12 poetry books.

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Charles Wright and an Examination of his life

Year after year, decade after decade, Charles Wright has had a pencil in hand, a piece of paper in front of him, as he's scribbled some of the most graceful sentences and elegant lines in contemporary poetry. Producing a bounty of poems as durable as a diamond, each with the dazzling light of reflection as if from the cut and polished surface of a diamond's facet. Thankfully, four decades after he came to his senses, as he puts it, with the discovery of his poetic skill, Wright continues this ritual of reporting on the world around him.

" What do I wan t my poems to do?

I want them to sing and to tell the story of my life." -Charles Wright

Charles Wright was born in Pickwick Dam, Tennessee, in 1935 and was educated at Davison College and the University of Iowa in the 1950's.

In 1965 his first poetry book Six Poems and then following that he wrote Private Madrigals in 1969. Charles wrote his poems about things he has experienced in his life and things that would interest him, many of his poems were influenced by people. In 1970 he wrote The Grave of the Right Hand and then in 1971 he wrote The Venice Notebook. Charles was slowly becoming famous and his poems were getting noticed more and more. After all that hard work he was finally noticed and was nominated for The National Book Award after finishing his book Hard Freight.

Ampted by the recognition he came out with another book Bloodlines. After T. S. Eliot, Charles Wright has been the modern poet in English most afflicted and gifted by a sense of his own insufficiency before the absolute. One of his poems "Death" in China Trace...