Are Newspapers Online Better?

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Mass Communication and Society February 1, 2001 Newspaper Assignment (Friday February 1, 2002) Computers are the new source of mass media in the new 21st century, however are they really as comfortable as the traditional ways? A newspaper, you can hold in your hands and not be bothered by other distractions. With the internet, many pop up ads will sporadically pop up on the monitor preventing you from reading uninterrupted.

The content between the online Southeast Missourian and the actual newspaper is different in the fact that the newspaper sections are limited. Writers are only allowed a certain amount of words they can write for there specific column, so the online version allows for the writer to add any edited information. In the category of organization, the online version has the advantage again. Instead of straining to see the words in a small classified section, you can easily see and find the category, and items you are looking for.

With the newspaper, most people know where to look for the classified ads, but the problem is finding what you are looking for. With the online version you can type in what key things you want to focus in on and the search engine will find it for you. Advertisement will always go to the newspapers advantage. Ads are just not as threatening on paper as it is on the screen. People still have a tendency not to trust a computer yet in this day in age. Also there is a section of the newspaper that is directly given to advertisement and the big key is, if you don't want to see the ads you don't have too. The experience is the same, you can get the same amount of information from a actual newspaper as you can from the online...