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No Homework Many schools are questioning whether to assign homework to students. Many people think it's a horrible idea, but when you think about it's really not such a bad idea. Lot's of students don't even do homework by taking away homework students would have to work harder during school hours.

Which is a very good idea because the students have to do that work in class the teacher can help then on things they don't under stand. There are many bad things about assigning homework. If a student goes to school at 8:20 and leaves school at 3:00 right there you have 8 hours after that the student has to go home and do homework. If all student's teachers assign them homework the same day. You're looking a 4 additional hours of work- for a total of 12 hours a day.

This not only leads to no quality time with their family, but also no relaxation time, heavy book bags, stress etc.

Studies have shown that 10 out of 12 students that who study more that 10 hours a day were mentally drained and were less attentive in school the next day.

There are many resions to not assign homework. First of all who likes to come home from a hard today and have to come and do more work. Students will love for homework to not be assigned but their resion is because they don't like it and they are tiered. I know that why I don't like doing it. But these things are not up to me.

The point of the matter is that it's not up to us and our voice can't be head. Those that it is up to really don't take it so seriously like you do. Some people will never like...