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In school today homework is a key tool of the learning process. Homework teaches students to gather information, solve problems, and learn material. My question is this. Are teachers abusing their right to give homework? Are the students getting to much homework? Being a student myself, I believe so.

Teachers abuse the use of homework in several ways. One way in which this happens is that teachers use homework instead of actually teaching. In this case the teacher will do an example or two and assign homework. This forces students teach themselves everything, and defeats the whole purpose of having teachers. Another way teachers abuse this is by giving too much homework. Most of the time a teacher will give a fairly reasonable amount of homework, but when you add up seven periods of "reasonable"� homework, it no longer is "reasonable."� Both of these will hurt the student's grade whether he/she rushes through homework, or if he/she does not do it at all.

I would like to say that this does not apply to all teachers. I have many teachers that are exceptional educators. They understand that teaching is not about how much homework they can give, but how much they can help students to understand.

Time after school is very limited because of homework. Personal time is very is scarce, especially when attempting to juggle sports and academics. Many times the solution for this is to either quit the sport, or drop the harder classes, but I don't believe either of these is the answer.

The way to solve this problem would be to cut down homework with repetitious problems, and to actually teach the material the homework is over before assigning it! In other words, stop giving so many...