Notes on Adolf Hitler his life.

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Introductory - Adolf Hitler was born in Austria around September 1889. His mother was Kalara, His father was Alois. Hitler was the 3 rd child in his family including his half brother and a half sister. Three of his brothers died in as infants and his father was a civil servant. Hitler ' s father retired in 1895. Hitler ' s father always wanted him to be smart in school and get good result so he can be like his father. There were two types of school those days one was the regular high school where they teach all the subject that is needed to become a successful person and the other one was classic school which was mainly for other non- important subject. Although Hitler was getting poor results which moved him to another school his father encouraged to stay on the same school not go to the classic school.

It was ' t until his father past way and Hitler decided to attend the classic school in the arts section. Hitler needed to pass an exam before entering in the school but he never really passed any of them no matter how hard he tried.

Section 1- Later on in 1919 Hitler decided to move to German and join the German social community worker after his mother died of a breast cancer. He was chosen as one of the member of the party. Their job was simply to recruit the new men who were interested in joining their party. So he decided to advertise a meeting in a bar area where there would be some people drinking as usual. Hitler started to do speaking in public in front of few people in the begging but as described in Mein Kampf he started to become famous with in few...