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Diet Analysis and a Revised Healthy Diet Plan

Christopher Acevedo

University of Phoenix

9 October 2011

Introduction and Overview

The three day diet analysis revealed many short comings in my diet. Being in the Army and an active sport and exercise participant, I felt that I had created a healthy diet that would promote muscular hypertrophy and meet healthy requirements; however I was wrong when my diet was compared to standards set forth by the USDA. Although my current diet plan is centered on consistency, consistency is irrelevant if the foods I eat fail to provide me with the necessary nutrients in appropriate portions. Across the three days, my diet stayed the same because of its routine nature. Through use of the MyPyramid diet plan and comparison of serving requirements to servings consumed I have discovered what changes are appropriate to my diet and how to go about implementing them.

Daily Diet and Servings

Each morning, I would have two bananas and two apples with five ounces of protein powder mixed with water. For lunch I would have two tuna salad sandwiches. After returning from weight lifting and mixed-martial arts training I would have another five oz protein shake mixed with water. Finally, for dinner I had whole wheat pasta in tomato sauce with baked skinless packaged chicken breasts. In servings, (as listed in the MyPyramid USDA plan) my diet plan consisted of; two servings of apples, two servings of bananas, two servings of tuna salad sandwiches, four servings of pasta with tomato sauce, five servings of chicken breasts and 10 servings of protein powder mixed in water (Food Guide Pyramid, 1992)

Serving Comparison to Recommendation Pyramid

My diet, when compared to the food guide pyramid displays many weak points in regards...