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In light of recent transgressions by our company, it is clear that our working model has not upheld the continuing success that our company has been known for in the past. We must develop a new system for our company to deal with issues on all levels from the employees, managers, and the entire organization as a whole in order to return us to prosperity.

To begin looking at ways to improve our company in the face of the changing world, we must first look at the nature of our company. A company is not a living thing; yet, it is made up of living people. Our employees, at all levels, are not just vital cogs making our company function, but they are emotional beings. What they do effects what the company does, and in effect what the company does effects the employees.

A thought that was proposed to help us understand why our company has been failing is to look at the "behavior" of our company.

Our organization will only be as effective as the employees. Our employees all have differing characteristics such as ethnicity, emotions, needs, wants, goals, expertise, knowledge and personality. All of these fuel different behaviors in different people. By better understanding the behaviors of our employees we can build a better foundation for the future prosperity of our company.

After looking at the needs of our employees, we must also look at our management philosophy. It has become increasingly clear that our managers need to learn more interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with the employees in their groups. "Managers get things done through other people. They make decisions, allocate resources, and direct the activities of others to attain goals. Managers do their work in an organization. This is a consciously coordinated social...