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We're gathered here today at the plaza hotel, having had a fabulous dinner and the few odd drinks as well, to celebrate a man our father who has now experienced sixty years in this hemisphere.

He has many hobbies and interest, likes swimming, hiking and classical music. Now he likes golf more than I do. The first time, I had to convince him to play golf with me. Now his golf club is worn out more than mine.

When I was young, I couldn't understand my father because he always went to many countries for his job. I didn't know how much he sacrifices himself for his family. When I was 16 years old, he decided to immigrate to the states for his family again. I still remember when the first day came here. I saw 3 feet snow just outside of JFK airport.

He told me " this country will show us it's difficult and painful moments like this snow storm.

But only hard wok, lots of discipline and positive thinking will give you worm and shiny weather in your future. I think he was right. Ever since we've come here, he has worked hard on his job, and business. Finally, he became a successful and respected businessman.

He is not just a father to me, he also is my personal and business advisor. When I had difficult times with my business, he didn't give me an answer right away. He always made me think before he gave directions to solve a lot of problems. One day he told me " do your business with honesty" I replied '' dad, you know it's not easy and how can I make money with honesty. It's not possible," he told me I know its hard to do it like...