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Name: Koo Kok Mun Robin


Odysseus Inc is a small medium shop locates at Kansas City. The firm produce several lines of coupling and clutches ( for the wheels of a car or forklift trucks) and other various type of product such as flange, compression, gear type, flex pin and flexible disc coupling and overrunning and multiple disc clutches.

The firm manufactures 600 different sizes and types of its eight standard items. The firm operation was not mass production because order demand was in small batches. Odysseus produce their parts few hundred pieces of a time.

Odysseus customers from various industries. No more than 10 percent of its output went to any single industries.

Odysseus coupling and clutch system was patent. But the real strength of Odysseus their Odysseus coupling and clutch system was in unique design which was unique design which was highly appreciated by their customers.

Odysseus was successful in their sales because their sales teams have target the purchasing manager as their main audience and maintaining a very good relations with their customers purchasing and supply chain department.

Another Strategy to make the firm successful because of their delivery just in time to customer assembly line and the firm pay a lot of attention of their product quality.

Odysseus Export To European Market

In 2014 Odysseus make an operating profit $400,000 through export Sales. But Odysseus President Think that the firm could not complete in export market because of their current manufacturing location Kansas City cost was too high. The firm can face a high tariffs imposed by foreign governments 10 percent or can be higher. But the most challenging was the just in time delivery require by the European OEM customers. Other risk factor may include lost in foreign currency exchange and existing production capacity...