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BREAKING NEWS: Oedipus Leaves Thebes!!!

Oedipus king of Thebes was said to have left Thebes just yesterday evening after a shocking discovery. Oedipus has found out that is the murderer of king Laius , also known as his father! We have got this information from a good friend of his the shepherd, who was suppose to have killed Oedipus as a child but instead gave him to another shepherd who gave Oedipus to the king and queen of his village who could not have children of their own. Soon enough Oedipus found out about the prophecy and fled from the city. He came to a crossroad and ended up having and argument with Laius which resulted in his death. When Oedipus arrived to Thebes he married Jocasta and vowed he would find the killer of Laius and have him banished. Little did he know it was him himself and that he has just let the prophecy come true, once Jocasta told him of how she did not believe in prophecies because how the prophecy she was told did not come true, something in the story she told him caught his attention.

He set out to find more information and found out that he was the one to have killed Laius who is also his father and that he married and had children with his mother , Jocasta. Once Jocasta finally realized that the oracle was true she hung her self and was found dead in her bedroom. We have been told that Oedipus after hearing the news, pinned out his eyes and had fled from the city and has not been seen since.

"My spirit groans for city and myself and you at once" - Oedipus PERSONIFICATON

Line 645

"Then hear,- I'll not be proved a murderer." --Oedipus

But he is the murderer. DRAMATIC IRONY


"He was a tall man and his hair was grizzled already-- nearly white-- and in his form not unlike you.

She is saying that he looked like Laius, but they still do not know he is his father. DRAMATIC IRONY


[V.i. 1392-93] : "They will never see the crime I have committed or had done upon me! ---Oedipus

In this quote Oedipus is showing that he cannot be committed for the crime unless there is proof of what he has done. He acts this way because it is upset that he is being accused of a crime he believes he has not done.

[ V.i. 367-369] : "You would provoke a stone! Tell us, you villain, tell us, and do not stand their quietly unmoved and balking at the issue."---Oedipus

In this quote Oedipus is showing that he is angry that Teireisias will not tell him what he knows about what is going on in the city of Thebes and that Teireisias is hiding something that will be of help to them.

[V.i. 747-750]: "Well, let him go then--if I must die ten times for it, or be sent out dishonored into exile. It is your lips that prayed for him I pitied, not his; wherever he is, I shall hate him. ---Oedipus

In this quote Oedipus shows the greedy part of himself. He is fuming at Creon because he believes that Creon wants to steal his throne from him which is not true. This shows that Oedipus can be a self-assured person.

[V.i. 858-862]: "It shall nor be kept from you, since my mind has gone so far with its foreboding. Whom should I confide in rather than you, who is there of more importance to me who have passed through such a fortune?"

In this quote Oedipus shows his love for Jocasta and how she is the on he can tell everything to because she is wife and that she drives him to find out his past.

[V.ii.1435-39]: Darkness! Horror of darkness enfolding, resistless, unspeakable visitant sped by an ill wind in haste! Madness and stabbing pain and memory of evil deeds I have done!

In this quote Oedipus is disgusted with himself after he has found out that he was one that killed his father and married his mother. Oedipus' morals in life are meaningless now and he is ashamed.

[V.ii. 1631]: "I must obey, through bitter of heart."

In this quote Oedipus is talking about he is ready for his punishment and has to obey what he told the people of Thebes he would do to the murderer of king Laius. Oedipus shows that he is loyal king in this quote.