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Office automation software is used to simplify existing office procedures. In Iron Mountain, many tasks are done through office automation software. Software applications are used to automate routine office tasks such as email and e-fax. Only a few of the many systems that help to automate offices today are exercised.

Since Iron Mountain is located through-out the states and overseas, it is important to computerize communication within the office to offsite locations and clients. We as a company rely on many office automation tools which make this possible.

Microsoft OutlookThe most widely used application is Microsoft Outlook, an email server which allows delivery to the correct address. Email allows everyone who is authorized to have an email account to communicate with internal personnel as well as customers. The exchange server also houses the global address book for all users on the system as well as client addresses.

This address book is accessible to all users. Besides email, Outlook has a few other features that automate a variety of tasks such as calendar, tasks, and journal.

With the calendar feature, employees can enter appointments and deadlines to better manage time. Tasks allow an employee to either personally input tasks to be completed or receive tasks from others. This feature can also be exported into a database for time tracking analysis. Journal keeps track of all documents opened, the date they were opened, how long it was open, and the location of the document. This feature comes in handy if he or she can not remember the file that was worked on the week before.

There is one drawback for using Outlook. Since there are many buildings owned by Iron Mountain, if an employee has to work outside of his or her usual building he or she will not...