From One Immigrant to Another: A Narrative of a Young Boy and His First Days in America

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A young Puerto Rican Boy, siblings and mother migrate to the mainlands of the United States, to right here in New York City. Just as any other immigrant would be; Marco Smith is flabbergasted to observe the fresh surroundings he encounters in the airport upon his arrival to the city that never sleeps. His story of immigration is shared from one immigrant to another…The wind whos and the ocean chhhhsss as Marco Smith and his brother Efren play marbles in the yard of their home in paradise, Puerto Rico. As the marbles hit the dirt and knock out the other player's pieces, they cheer and boo for each other. It's getting late and their mother still isn't home, but they don't worry and continue playing their game. Soon Efren gets tired of playing with the marbles and goes inside for something to eat. Marco stays outside and pushes the marbles back and forth along the dry, cool dirt.

He feels a presence watching him and slowly looks up; there his mother stands with an exceptionally large grin on her face. ¿Qué sucedió? (What happened?) He asks, but she doesn't answer, she just stands there with that smile of hers across her mug. Efren comes out of the house with a handful of platanos, and stares back at his mother as if she was crazy. Then she finally says, Nos estamos mudando a Nueva York! (We're moving to New York!) Marco looks up with his mouth opened wide and Efren drops his platanos all over the floor. Marco and Efren look at each other and in unison go, QUE?!?! (WHAT?!?!). And in their minds all three, mother and sons know that they will have to be up for some real adventure in the next couple of days.

As Marco...