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The Vietnamese people in only the heart had many difficult hardships to go through in order to get to Australia. The book showed how all the different characters responded to these hardships in there own ways. I will talk about the problems before they left Vietnam and how that made them escape. To the extent in which they succeeded and what helped them succeed. And of coarse the problems they had along the way.

The Vo family was living in a village in Vietnam during the war and when communism started to come into action. And it had terrible affects on the people living there. They had to adapt or escape. The Vo family choose to escape. Toan?s father had been taken by the military police because he was involved with the Vietnamese army. Toan, linh and Phuong were the children in the two families they had to learn quickly what was an acceptable thing to say and what was not.

It was hard for them because they didn't know why they couldn?t act in a certain way nor do a certain thing. These children just had to rely on their parents until they got older. They left because the war had brought communism; they were scared and didn?t know what to expect. They didn?t know weather they could live close to like they lived before or if everything would change, there were many answerable questions and they wanted to get away from it. And after their Grandfather got an assimilation speaker put on his shop roof that was the last straw. They had a big trip ahead of them.

So the families escaped on a filthy boat. The book describes the terrible conditions on the boat quite well I think. The families and everyone on the boat were scared...