Order by Instinct

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Order is sought instinctively. In Literature, as well as Biology, order is sought instinctively by authors and scientists. Authors use order to convey real-life incidents and make their stories seem more realistic. Scientists use a way of classification to bring order to Biology. The life cycle, as the cycle of a virus, shows order.

The young boy in the short story, 'Sunrise on the Veldt,' found order in the life cycle. He sought this order to help him explain the death of a buck. The death of the buck made the young boy think about the life cycle. He shot the buck, and the buck became injured. Then the buck died. An organism is born, it grows, it lives for a period of time, then it dies. The human life cycle is similar. A baby is born. The baby's parents take care of it, then the baby turns into an adult.

The adult lives for a period of time, then the adult dies. Humans seek order in the life cycle to help explain death. The order in the life cycle was sought instinctively, because people wanted an explanation of death. The order in 'Sunrise on the Veldt' was shown in the life cycle.

In the novel, The Wave, a teacher sought order to help keep his classroom under control. The order helped keep the classroom under control. But the students began to notice they were not thinking, and the order began to tear the school apart. The teacher sought order because he wanted his students to behave better. Scientists use order to control viruses. Viruses are classified by several attributes; their shape, the vectors that transmit them, and their RNA or DNA content. Once a virus is classified, it can be examined, and controlled. Biologists use order to classify other...