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Omega Healthcare Management Services - A Company Overview

Omega Healthcare Management Services (OHMS) is one of the premier organisations to provide healthcare business outsourcing services. OHMS has world-class facilities both in the US and India. Omega's company headquarter in the US is located at Tampa, Florida which is known as OMH Health Edge Holding Inc. Omega Healthcare has two operations centres in India to address business continuity and disaster recovery needs of its clients as well as provide for additional capacity. Their India operation centres are located in Bangalore (headquarters, India) and Chennai with two-shift capacity for 2200 employees. Omega Healthcare has extensive experience in providing services in a variety of hospital-based and office-based physician specialties. We also have experience in providing services to Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management companies and their hospital clients for their credit balance account, regular accounts receivable and facility coding needs. Omega Healthcare is dedicated to provide four major services to the clients, which can be grouped as data entry (non-voice process) & business process outsourcing (voice process):

I. Data Entry Services (non-voice process)

Omega Healthcare recognizes that simple data entry functions into practice management and software systems may not always be so simple.

Entering information quickly and accurately is critical to their success of ensuring "Clean claims" and high productivity. Their data entry teams can be characterized into the following functional areas.

a) Demographic and Charges entry: The first step to their process is to ensure that the demographic information is entered into the system right, the first time. Also, charges from an encounter form or coded visit get entered into the software system by their staff.

b) Payment Posting: Once payments come back from the insurance companies, it takes more than just simple data entry to ensure that the payments get applied appropriately.