Organisation Performance

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Is the performance of an organisation independent of the

organisation's leader?

Use theories and examples to justify your argument.

An Organization Performance includes multiple activities, that help in establishing the goals

of the organization, and monitor the progress towards the target. It is used to make

adjustments to accomplish goals more efficientlyand effectively.(OP) In now day, there are

different organisation performance in all walks of life. In any business or company, different

organisation buildup by different kind of people. Anyway, staff is to look at the top, leader is

to look at the front, basicly it is hard to say which part is play an important role in

organisation performance. In my eassy, I will identify this topic, and I'm going to explain it

in following three parts: what is leader? Achieve the performence of an organisation and my


1. What is Leader ?

Leadership versus management: Many people may mix up these two kinds of organisation,

first part of this essay; I'm going to explain it using what I learn in this unit.

In general

speaking, leadership is different from management. Leadership deals with the interpersonal

aspects of a manager's job, whereas planning, organising, and controlling deal with the

administrative aspects. Leadership deals with change, inspiration, motivation, and influence.

(Leadership textbook P4) Management is such as ste up of tools and techniques, based on

reasoning and testing, that can be used in a variety of situation.

A leader is a person who guides others towarda common goal, showing the way by example,

and creating an environment in which other teammembers feel actively involved in the entire

process. A leader is not the boss of the teambut, instead, the person that is committed to

carrying out the mission of the Venture. Below are some qualities a strong leader...