Organization of an Major University Event. Detailed Event descriptions and evaluating the possibilities of continuing to redo the event once again.

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ESEIC Ideas and Event objectives

In 2001 The ESE Event Department was established by Filippo Ceragioli and Susanne Storåkers in 2001.

During its first year the ESE Event Department explored a new side of the European School of Economics - EVENTS with and for its students.

With the ESE Dream Weekend in May 2001 in Lucca the department successfully established a totally covered weekend for the students from all campuses represented.

To take this idea further, ESE Lucca Event Department that now included Susanne Storåkers, Filippo Ceragioli, Helene Brandt, Salvatore Lo Leggio, Carlo Pratesi and Chiara Viganó therefore created a more innovative competition in year 2002,


The objectives of ESEIC was and is still today to knit all ESE students together, create a good and special university atmosphere unlike during the rest of the year and develop and explore our own individual dreams and limits.

the believe is that any sort of competition, not for the individual student, but for the 'team' is healthy and will further improve the student's personal skills. We think that a combination of challenges/competitions and other 'happenings' such as dinners, parties and beach activities will create the perfect weekend for all ESE students.

Finding a variety in competition areas a variety that would attract all students was the main goal .

"We don't want to leave anyone outside". ESEIC management

That is why the following different competition components was chosen creating a perfect event mix for a University like Ours.

* Female Volleyball, most popular female sport (in Italy).

* Male Football, most popular male sport in the world.

* Entrepreneurial Business Competition (EBC), for the more theoretical persons.

* Creative Award, for the creative and artistic persons.

* Philosophy Day, university subject. This will be handled by the...