Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behavior is the study of the interaction of groups or individuals in an organization. Some concepts and methods used in organizational behavior are found within the fields of psychology and sociology. Organizational behavior is used to understand processes such as group dynamics, interpersonal process, leadership and motivation. The ultimate goal of organizational behavior is to improve people and groups. In my company organizational behavior is observed to determine which account representatives to partner up. The supervisor observes personality traits, work ethic, experience, interaction with others and things of that nature in order to determine which representatives will work well with each other to be productive and efficient.

Organizational culture is the value, beliefs and attitude that influence the behavior of members of an organization. Some visible aspects of organizational culture are artifacts and behavior. The aspect of artifacts can be demonstrated through the organizations dress code and behavior can be strategies, goals, and philosophies.

The artifacts aspect of my company is very casual. The goal of the company is to collect as much of our client's debt for its customers.

Diversity is defined as having distinct or unlike elements or qualities. Workplace diversity is based upon differences of gender, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation. Valuing diversity in the workplace is important in order to promote respect amongst employees and staff and also to provide equal opportunity to all. My company is very diverse. At the moment a large percent of employees are women, there are that are minority and there are some of different religions. Having a diverse staff allows everyone to be exposed to differences they might have experienced in their lives. For the most part this experience can enrich the lives of everyone and offer different viewpoints on many subjects including business.

Communication is essential to...