Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

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AbstractOrganizational behavior examines organizations and the individuals who make up the organization. The expressions or terms like organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning will be defined in this paper along with examples of how these terms are used in a child development center.

Organizational BehaviorOrganizational behavior is defined as the study of individuals or group's behavior in the workplace and how that behavior inhibits or facilitates the company to achieve its goals (Hunt, Osborn, and Schermerhorn 2005). In order for companies to achieve goals they must acknowledge that their workforce is the backbone of the company. Most companies try to control their workforce by offering incentives. For example, a child development center offered a program called "child care staff." This program would help the company's new and current employees that have children have an open slot for their child or children.

These child care slots are held opened so the employees would not be able to use their children as an excuse to miss work. By providing this program the child development center would control its employee's behavior of absenteeism and increase the company's productivity with a fully operational staff. Thus, the employees know they have some where to turn in the need of childcare if the situation arises.

Organizational CultureGoing hand in hand with organizational behavior is the organizations culture. While the organizational behavior describes how an organizations employees interact to achieve the companies goals, the organizational culture is described as directing the organizational behavior with values or beliefs (Hunt, Osborn, and Schermerhorn 2005). Quite often companies set their values or beliefs down with a simple statement. Within this statement the company will lay out goals that it wants to achieve over the life time of the company. Currently the...